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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zion Hamid's PA (Emaad Khalid) involved with Jaish-e-Muhammad Terrorists

Proof for your eyes only

Emaad Khalid...murderer of molana jalalpuri..and a member of "jaish-muhammad". PA of zaid hamid, maaria b..fashion designer and sponsor of "wake pakistan" of zaid hamid

See Emaad Khalid, PA of zaid hamid and a member of banned terrorist organization "jaish-e-muhammad" instructing jaish-e-muhammad terrorists at zaid hamid's "wake up pakistan" event outside convention center Islamabad. Jaish-e-muhammad had the security control this program... look at the faces of these people.. do they look like "terrorists" "fasadis" and "mullahs"? oh yes they do!!!. jaish-e-muhammad has been involved in sectarian fasadaat and terrorists attacks in the country. so who is a terrorist? Zaid Hamid ???

Maulana Jalalpuri silenced by Zaid Hamid


"Addressing a joint press conference with Ulema after the funeral prayers, Qari Usman of Jamiat Ulema Islam pointed out Maulana Jalalpuri’s recent correspondence with Defense and Security Analyst Zaid Hamid and said that Maulana Jalalpuri challenged Zaid Hamid to clarify his links with false Prophet Yousuf Ali. He said that all proofs regarding this correspondence will be included in the FIR.

Maulana Muhammad Akram Toofani slashed Defence and Security Analyst Zaid Hamid in the press conference and said that “The Kazzab we are referring to now was known as Zaid Zaman Hamid and now he is known as Zaid Hamid.” "

Zaid Hamid is the dajjal as described in the Fitna.

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